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Crying kids, wet washing on the line, rent is late, ...
and your parntner's away. Where do you turn?
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The practical survival kit for live production professionals and their families...

Our Projects

Specific projects being looked at by the HeartwithSoul. Projects can be suggested, discussed, identified and planned. With the help of existing relationships and by developing new ones, it will be possible for us to establish a concept and successfully employ it, or assist others with projects already in the works.

Partners in Peril

Crying kids, rent is late, wet washing on the line and your parntner's away. Where do you turn?


Addressing the issue confronting many who have worked in live production, hearing loss. It is envisaged a campaign is launched to attract sponsorship and engage corporate help in provding hearing services at affordable or supplimented rates.


A project to assist in connecting the older generation of crew that presently don't have either access to the internet or the understanding to employ it to their benefit. crew2crew provides internet access, training and the forums for those to reach out within their own comminity.

The Big Bus App

By utilizing the many existing resources already available online and actively persuing additional ones, The Big Bus App is conceived as "the practical survival kit for live production touring professionals and their families..." The app will provide a hub for bringing together the services and information provided by numerous related organizations including our own.


Get your thinking caps on. There's plenty of other ideas and suggestions to be had. Once we have a list of them, we can discuss, debate and prioritise them. Below were the suggestions made at a Support Act mental health summit which workshopped these ideas, ultimately leading to the 24 Hour Wellbeing Help Line.

Support Act Mental Health Summit